Mo & Phindi are highly sought after conference speakers who make an impact around the world.


Mo & Phindi are best-selling authors of 2 books: Love Isn't For Cowards, and Stuff We Wish We Knew Before Getting Married.


Mo & Phindi's conviction is that marriage is the first institution created by God.


Mo & Phindi provide private and group coaching for Couples, Seminars, Gala functions, Team buildings etc.

Mo & Phindi

Mo & Phindi are professional relationship and marriage coaches. Although they fully engaged themselves in marriage ministry from 2015, (they) have been working with couples part-time since 2011. As trained professionals, they conduct sessions and consult with a wide range of both married couples for post-marital counselling and engaged couples for pre-marital coaching.

In 2019 they registered the Mo & Phindi Marriage Academy, an organization that's not for profit that broadly seeks to restore hope and dignity in marriages through various programmes.

They are book authors, speakers, brand ambassadors, as well as relationship columnists and contributors.

Mo & Phindi have also ventured into television content production through their media production company, Mo & Phindi TV where they mostly produce personal and family-empowerment content.